Hedley Betts - Medals, P.O. Box 8122, San Jose, CA 95155, U.S.A.

Tel: 408 266 9255     HedleyBetts@medalsoftheworld.com    


I have been collecting and dealing in medals for over forty years. I established my business in England in the 1970s and moved to the United States in 1980. I specialize in commemorative, art, historical and prize medals. The medals listed on-line represent only a cross section of my inventory of medals. I actively seek medals in response to wants lists and will be pleased to hear from collectors with specific interests.


Payment should accompany orders, unless you have already established credit. I accept Paypal, checks, money orders and bank transfers. I can only accept credit card payments through Paypal.

Please note the size of each medal in its description.

All medals are guaranteed to be as described and are sent on fifteen days approval, from the date of receipt. Overseas postage will be quoted upon request. I strive to send orders within twenty-four hours, but I travel and sometimes there are delays, usually of no more than ten days for the processing or orders. (See my travel and show schedule by clicking on the link to the left).


Since medals are subject to less handling than coins, I try to be conservative in my use of terms describing their condition. I do not use the term "uncirculated," since medals, by definition, do not circulate in the way that coins do. I use "extremely fine" to describe medals that are in their original condition. I use the the term "nearly extremely fine" to describe medals that are not quite in their original condition. I use "very fine" to describe medals that show moderate signs of handling, such as slight nicks or wear. I use the  "good very fine" to describe medals some signs of handling, but are still attractive. When a medal has an obvious defect, such as an edge bump or an uneven patina, I note it in the description. In general the medals that I offer are pleasing examples of their kind. Enlarged pictures may sent upon request.